News You May Have Missed: September 6, 2020

“Protective medical mask on laptop. The end of the pandemic.” by shixart1985 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

News You Might Have Missed is on leave this week, but you don’t need to be.

We’re under the weather. If you aren’t, there are things you might do:

  • The Americans of Conscience checklist is determined to get out the vote. They offer clear, focused actions you can take.
  • Susan Rogan has her pulse on the issues. See Rogan’s list for ways you can weigh in on the Agriculture Secretary’s use of free lunches to force kids back to in-person school in January, admonish Wisconsin Republicans for refusing to act on police brutality, consider ways to take back the Senate–and more.
  • Speaking of the Senate, Future Now has a list of eight critical Senate and House seats that you can help defend or flip.
  • If you want to find out what the government is proposing and how you can comment for the public record, Martha offers you a list of tracking sites.
  • Heather Cox Richardson analyzes the news from a historian’s perspective almost every night.