Joanne pre-NYMHM: 12 Jan 2017

The Republicans in the Senate passed the beginning of ACA/Obamacare repeal in the middle of the night. It now needs to pass the House, probably Friday. Raise hell with your legislators. By phone. Ask for a written response.

Still no sign of replacement so they’re voting on a pig in a poke. Without the ACA (otherwise known as Obamacare), we lose the measures that pay for contraception, children staying on their parents’ plans until age 26, and coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Edited to add: and it’ll impact the Medicare ‘donut hole.’

[Note from the future: NYMHM grew out of these public posts from Joanne Merriam’s Facebook account. We retain them here in archives to provide a record going back to the beginning of Trump’s presidency.]