Joanne pre-NYMHM: 22 Nov 2016


Law enforcement officials in North Dakota have deployed tear gas and water hoses against hundreds of activists protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline.” In freezing temperatures. This is not ok.

The more I think about this, the angrier I get. The police say this is justified because the protesters are setting fires (which the protesters say are bonfires to keep warm, which I believe, but I’m just looking at what the police themselves are claiming). How is that a justification? Even if you take the police at 100% face value, ARSON IS NOT A CAPITAL CRIME.


Wisconsin legislative map ruled illegally partisan; case will go to Supreme Court,” WaPo.


I’m in a doctor’s office, so no control over the tv. They’re playing The View, and this is the first time I’ve watched it. They’re talking about the alt-right and calling it explicitly white supremacist. That’s good to see.

[Note from the future: NYMHM grew out of these public posts from Joanne Merriam’s Facebook account. We retain them here in archives to provide a record going back to the beginning of Trump’s presidency.]