Joanne pre-NYMHM: 10 Oct 2016


“I’ve been in favor of getting rid of carried interest for years,” Clinton replied. “Starting when I was a senator from New York.”

“Why didn’t you do it?” Trump asked. “Why didn’t you do it”

“Because I was a senator with a Republican president,” Clinton replied.

“If you were an effective senator, you could have done it,” Trump shot back.

This is, to put it mildly, not how the American political system works. Trump has always had an ambitious view of executive power, but here he showed a basic ignorance of the system’s basic functioning. Even an effective senator cannot, on their own, overwhelm a presidential veto.

Vox, “Donald Trump confirmed our worst fears about the kind of president he would be


This is not funny. It is terrifying. The Russians engage in a sloppy disinformation effort and, before the day is out, the Republican nominee for president is standing on a stage reciting the manufactured story as truth. How did this happen? Who in the Trump campaign was feeding him falsehoods straight from the Kremlin?

Newsweek, “Dear Mr Trump, I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal

Here’s the email at Wikileaks.

[Note from the future: NYMHM grew out of these public posts from Joanne Merriam’s Facebook account. We retain them here in archives to provide a record going back to the beginning of Trump’s presidency.]